Corporate Structure

Etihad Stadium is managed by Melbourne Stadiums Ltd (MSL), and is owned by a number of investors, mainly comprising Australian superannuation funds, representing more than two million members. This means that many Australian superannuants own a stake in Etihad Stadium through their fund investments.

Under the terms of an initial agreement with the AFL, ownership of Etihad Stadium will transfer to the AFL in 2025, but until then MSL is required to meet loan repayments, interest costs and provide a return to investors. Stadium revenues are underpinned by contracts with the AFL and other major stadium hirers. The stadium must operate commercially in order to ensure the facility remains well maintained and that its facilities keep up with the demands and expectations of patrons.

Current investors in the stadium are:

Retail Employees Superannuation Trust
JF Infrastructure Yield Fund
National Australia Bank Group Superannuation Fund
Statewide Superannuation Trust

Board of Directors

Etihad Stadium’s management team, led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Green, reports to a Board of Directors which represents the interests of stadium investors.

The Board of Directors comprise:

Tony Hallam – Chairman
Dennis Phillips
Jonathan Hannam
Warran Brown
John Wilson
Alan Wu