Etihad Stadium - Docklands, Melbourne Etihad Stadium - Docklands, Melbourne

Snag Bar

Starting with the humble snag, add a crusty roll and a few seeds, top with caramelised onions, mustard, relish & cheese to deliver an iconic fan favourite. All snags are gluten free and available on a gluten free bun.
Menu items include:

  • Classic Bratwurst Grilled Sausage – crunchy roll, Dijon mustard
  • The Jalapeno Dog – crunchy roll, Chilli Con Carne
    Location Level 1 Aisle 2 and Level 3 Aisle 13

    The Chipper

    The Chipper offer a twist on the nacho – instead of corn chips we use waffle cut potato chips. The toppings are inspired by a variety of cuisines such as the Deep South of the United States and the Mediterranean flavours of Greece.
    Menu items include:

  • Baby, baby chips and gravy, lattice cut fries with gravy
  • Chipper the Greek, lattice cut fries, marinated slow smoked lamb, diced tomato, onion, fetta and tzatziki
  • Pulled pork Chipper, lattice cut fries, slow smoked pulled pork, spiced Cajun stadium sauce
  • Location Level 3 Aisle 25


    Frank’s pays homage to the tradition of the American Ball Park – serving a quality hot dog topped with ball park inspired toppings.
    Menu items include:

  • American Classic Hot Dog – crunchy roll, American mustard, tomato ketchup, diced onion, sweet gherkin relish, fries
  • Chilli Cheese Dog – crunchy roll, chilli con carne, American cheese, fries
  • The Aussie Dog, crunchy roll, grilled onion, tasty cheese, fries
  • Large fries
  • Location:
    Level 3 Aisle 1

    The Great Northern Bar

    A great beer, a gourmet snag or an espresso coffee – or all of the above – can be the perfect thing to make a good day great.

    The Great Northern Bar offers all these and more, and can be accessed via Gate 4 or 6, located Level 2 near Aisle 38 any time from gate opening to 15 minutes before the game ending.

    With a live feed of the game, you can refresh and refuel without missing a moment.

    Victory Way

    Casual seating. Beer, wine, pre-mixed and soft drinks available. Delicious dining options. Live sports feed on super screens.

    You can meet your friends at the Victory Bar then never have to move another metre.

    Victory Bar has direct access to Level 1 seating and can be entered via Gate 8 or 9, located near Aisle 12.

    Locker Room Bar & EJ Whitten Bar

    The Locker Room Bar has cold beer, live sports on super screens and TAB facilities. There’s no better place to enjoy every moment of the game.

    The bar can be accessed via Level 1, Gate 2 on weekdays and at events. 

    On event days, the EJ Whitten Bar is open to all patrons. With multiple screens showing all the action from the game as well as a variety of sports, there’s cold bear on tap as well as a great view of the game.

    The bar can be accessed via Gate 2, Level 2.

    Smoke and Smoulder

    Inspired by the deep South of the United States where Texas smoked and barbequed brisket is a tradition, this new outlet features the following delicious menu items:

  • Slow smoked pulled pork, crunchy roll, Asian slaw
  • Hillbilly Hothouse smoked brisket, crunchy roll, spiced Cajun stadium sauce
  • Pulled pork Chipper, lattice cut fries, slow smoked pulled pork and spiced Cajun stadium sauce
  • Chipper the Greek, lattice cut fries, slow smoked lamb, tomato, onion, fetta and tzatziki
  • Lattice cut fries
  • Location:
    Level 1, Aisle 22 and Level 3


    Bar outlets offer a selection of Australian classic and international premium beers, cider, ready to drink spirits (Bourbon, Scotch, Vodka and Rum) and premium red, white and sparkling wine


    Level 1: Aisle 8, Aisle 21, Aisle 28, Aisle 34, Aisle 41, Aisle 47*
    Level 2: Aisle 29, Aisle 44
    Level 3: Aisle 9, Aisle 17, Aisle 24, Aisle 33, Aisle 40, Aisle 48

    *Bar 147 is a cashless outlet.

    Food Outlets

    Food outlets offer high quality quick service retail food and beverage products. Hot pies, premium hamburgers, fish & chips, chicken & chips, squid & and Chips.


    Level 1: Aisle 4*, Aisle 7, Aisle 18, Aisle 22, Aisle 21, Aisle 45
    Level 2: Aisle 31, Aisle 42
    Level 3: Aisle 5, Aisle 20, Aisle 29, Aisle 44

    *Food outlet 104 is a cashless outlet.

    Great Aussie BBQ

    Location Level 3 Aisle 37
    Combining two great Aussie loves – sport and barbeques. The Great Aussie BBQ offers global flavours using local produce, cooked on an Aussie-style BBQ including:

  • Aussie Steak Sandwich – grilled sirloin, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, fries
  • Peri-Peri chicken burger- spiced chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, fries
  • Classic Bratwurst Grilled Sausage – crunchy roll with Dijon mustard, fries
  • Cafe Options

    Offering a diverse range of food options on event days, our Coffee outlets have fresh sandwiches, salads, yoghurt, fruit salads, wraps, doughnuts and gluten free products.


    Level 1: Aisle 6, 18 & 30
    Level 2: Aisle 43
    Level 3: Aisle 5, 20, 29 & 44

    Etihad Stadium - Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

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